Instalando o PHP e Oracle Instant Client para Windows

Oracle 11 g Instant Client is the easiest way to connect PHP to a remote Oracle database. 11 g Oracle Instant Client a maneira mais fcil de conectar PHP para uma base de dados Oracle remoto. This notes describes how to install PHP with the OCI8 Extension and Oracle Instant Client on Windows and Linux. Esta nota descreve como instalar o PHP com o OCI8 Extenso e Oracle Instant Client em Windows e Linux. The free The Underground PHP and Oracle Manual contains more detail and explains other installation options. A livre Underground PHP e Oracle O Manual contm mais detalhes e explica outras opes de instalao.

OCI8 is the PHP extension for connecting to Oracle databases. OCI8 a extenso PHP para ligao a bases de dados Oracle. (The name is copied from Oracle’s C “call interface” API interface first introduced in Oracle 8.) OCI8 is open source and included with PHP. (O nome copiado a partir da Oracle C “chamada interface” Interface API introduzidas pela primeira vez em Oracle 8). OCI8 open source e includo com PHP.

Oracle Instant Client is a free set of easily installed libraries that allow programs to connect to Oracle databases. Oracle Instant Client um conjunto de livre facilmente instalado bibliotecas que permitem que programas para conectar a bases de dados Oracle. To use Instant Client, an existing database is needed; Instant Client does not include one. Para usar o Instant Client, um banco de dados existente necessria; Instant Client no incluir um. Typically the database will be on another machine. Normalmente o banco de dados estar em outra mquina. If the database is local then Oracle libraries will generally be accessible and Instant Client not required. Se o banco de dados local, em seguida, Oracle bibliotecas sero geralmente acessveis e Instant Client no exigida.

Using Instant Client 11 g , OCI8 functions work with Oracle 9.2, 10.x, and 11.x databases. Usando Instant Client 11 g, OCI8 funes trabalhar com Oracle 9.2, 10.x, 11.x e bases de dados. If OCI8 is compiled with Instant Client 10 g , connection to Oracle 8.1 is also possible. Se OCI8 compilado com Instant Client 10 g, conexo Oracle 8.1 tambm possvel.

Software Requirements: Software Requisitos:

Oracle Instant Client

Apache HTTPD Server

PHP – PHP Hypertext Processor

Enabling the PHP OCI8 Extension on Windows Habilitar o PHP OCI8 Extension no Windows

The Instant Client binaries complement PHP’s prebuilt binaries for Windows. O Instant Client binrios PHP complemento da pr binrios para Windows.

  1. Download the Apache HTTPD Server and the Windows PHP 5.2 zip package . Faa o download do Apache HTTPD Server eo Windows PHP 5,2 zip pacote. Use the “Non-thread-safe” version of PHP if you want to use Fast CGI, or use the default bundle if you plan to run PHP as an Apache module. Use o “Non-thread-safe” verso do PHP, se voc quiser usar Fast CGI, ou usar o pacote padro, se voc pretende executar o PHP como um mdulo Apache.

Install PHP and Apache following Installation on Windows Systems in the PHP Manual. Instale o PHP e Apache seguintes Instalao em sistemas Windows em PHP Manual.

Check that PHP is working before continuing. Verifique que PHP est funcionando antes de continuar. At this stage Oracle support is not enabled. Nesta fase o apoio Oracle no est ativado.

  1. Download the “Instant Client Package – Basic” for Windows from the OTN Instant Client page . Faa o download do “Instant Client Package – Basic” para o Windows a partir da OTN Instant Client pgina.

Unzip the Instant Client to c:\instantclient_11_1 Descompacte o Instant Client para c: \ instantclient_11_1

Edit the PATH environment setting and add c:\instantclient_11_1 before any other Oracle directories. Editar a configurao de ambiente PATH e adicione c: \ instantclient_11_1 antes de qualquer outra Oracle diretrios. For example, on Windows XP, follow Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environment Variables and edit PATH in the System variables list. Por exemplo, no Windows XP, siga Iniciar -> Painel de Controle -> Sistema -> Avanadas -> Variveis de Ambiente e editar PATH no Sistema variveis lista.

Set desired Oracle globalization language environment variables such as NLS_LANG. Definir idioma desejado Oracle globalizao variveis do ambiente, tais como NLS_LANG. If nothing is set, a default local environment will be assumed. Se nada for definido, um padro ambiente local sero assumidas. See An Overview on Globalizing Oracle PHP Applications for more details. Veja um resumo de Globalizing PHP Oracle Applications para obter mais detalhes.

Unset Oracle variables such as ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID, which are unnecessary with Instant Client. Unset Oracle variveis como ORACLE_HOME e ORACLE_SID, que so desnecessrios com Instant Client.

  1. The default OCI8 1.2 extension included in PHP 5.2 has been superceded. O padro OCI8 1/2 extenso includo no PHP 5/2 foi superada. Whilst you could use it, I recommend downloading the OCI8 1.3 extension from Pierre Joye’s build page . Embora voc pode utiliz-lo, eu recomendo fazer o download do OCI8 1,3 extenso de Pierre Joye construo da pgina. This download location is temporary while the PHP community develops a replacement for the pecl4win system. Este download temporrio, enquanto a localizao PHP comunidade desenvolve um substituto para o pecl4win sistema.

The current OCI8 1.3 packages for PHP 5.2 are and O actual OCI8 1/3 pacotes para PHP 5.2 so e Use the “nts” version if you installed a non-thread-safe PHP. Use o “nts” se voc instalou uma verso no-thread-safe PHP. Each package contains a replacement php_oci8.dll and introduces a new php_oci8_11g.dll file. Cada pacote contm uma substituio php_oci8.dll e introduz um novo php_oci8_11g.dll arquivo.

Unzip the appropriate package and move the two DLLs to your extension directory, eg c:\php-5.2.9\ext. Descompacte o pacote adequado e mover as duas DLLs para a sua prorrogao diretrio, por exemplo, c: \ php-5.2.9 \ ext.

  1. Edit php.ini and set extension_dir to the directory with the PHP extension DLLs: Editar php.ini extension_dir e definir para o diretrio com a extenso PHP DLLs:

5. extension_dir=”c:\php-5.2.9\ext” extension_dir = “c: \ php-5.2.9 \ ext”


Also in php.ini, enable the OCI8 extension with: Tambm em php.ini, habilite a extenso OCI8 com:

extension=php_oci8_11g.dll extension = php_oci8_11g.dll

If using Oracle 10.2 Instant Client, alternatively put: Se estiver usando Oracle Instant Client 10/2, alternativamente, colocar:

extension=php_oci8.dll extension = php_oci8.dll

Only one of the php_oci8.dll or php_oci8_11g.dll extensions can be enabled at any time. Apenas um dos php_oci8.dll ou extenses php_oci8_11g.dll pode ser ativada a qualquer momento. The extensions are mostly equivalent, but the 11g version supports Oracle DRCP connection pooling. As extenses so essencialmente equivalentes, mas o Oracle 11g verso suporta conexo DRCP agrupamento.

  1. Restart Apache. Reinicie o Apache.

Autor: Christopher Jones, Oracle Corporation
Email: Email: christopher.jones @
Updated: March 2009 Actualizao: Maro de 2009


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  1. Nilson disse:

    Boa noite, estou tentando ativar as dll’s do ORACLE no PHP, porm no estou conseguindo. baixei o Zend For Oracle, e me da a seguinte mensagem que no estou conseguindo resolver. :

    Warning: oci_connect() [function.oci-connect]: OCIEnvInit() failed. There is something wrong with your system – please check that PATH includes the directory with Oracle Instant Client libraries in C:\Arquivos de programas\Zend\Apache2\htdocs\oracle.php on line 9

    Voc poderia me ajudar?

    j adicione nas variaveis de ambiante de sistema do Windows os caminhos da onde foram instalados o cliente do Oracle mas sem sucesso. no sei mais o que fazer.

  2. Leandro disse:

    Tem que baixar algumas lib do java no proprio site da oracle e adicionar na pasta lib do apache.

  3. Leandro disse:

    se voce preferir me mande um email para que eu lhe envio as dlls.

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